Pet Friendly Cabinet Ideas

Pets are members of the family and you don’t want to forget their needs when designing and planning for new cabinetry. Laundry rooms and mudrooms are perfect spaces, providing the opportunity to design storage and comfort for your pet. 

We gathered a few pet friendly cabinet ideas to help you and your pet stay organized and live your best life.

Hidden Food Bowls & Bed

Our Toe Space Drawer is perfect for a custom pet bowl insert. A push latch mechanism allows the drawer to open with a tap of your toe.

The custom cat shaped cutout creates a fun entrance to a pet bed.

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Pull Out Bed

This mudroom features the Toe Space Drawer with a comfy pull out dog bed sized just right for the drawer.

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Medium Brown Mudroom with a Dog Bed Pullout

Custom Cabinet Kennel

This ingenious idea is both attractive and functional. Keep your pet safe and sound without compromising your design or style.

Design from Partners 4, Design

Fun Cut Out!

This drawer features a custom cut out shaped like a bone. Crystal Cabinets allows you to get creative and personalize for your pet.

Design from Crystal Kitchen + Bath

Today's Laundry Rooms

Cozy Sleeping Area

Design a base cabinet with no doors, creating a comfortable and convenient sleeping space.

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Container Storage

This custom container storage will keep your pet’s food and treats organized and tucked away.

Design from Waterview Kitchens