Cabinetry can become part of the architecture of your home. When deciding on elements for your space, well-made cabinets, using quality materials help increase the value of your home. Check out these three simple steps to help you get started planning for your new cabinets.

1.   Identify Desires:

Create a few lists. One list should be what you like about your existing space. A second list should be dislikes in your existing space. The third should include additional accommodations in the new space. Are you looking for more storage? Integrated seating? More cooking or refrigeration? Do you hope to entertain in the new space? This will help our independent design specialists create a new space that works for you.

2.   Define your Style:

Collect ideas and inspiration. These work best as visuals that can be shared with the design specialist. Ideas can come from magazines, social media sites, TV shows, or even a building that you recently visited. This allows the design specialist to tailor the new space to your individual style.

3.   Start a Conversation:

Get in contact with one of our skilled design specialists. They will take your lists and style ideas and start a conversation where project budgeting, planning and timelines can start to be discussed.