Home Office Comparisons

Over the last few months, our lives and routines have changed dramatically. Working from home and the idea of a home office quickly became a reality for many. Some scrambled to set up a spare room, some took over the kitchen table, while others already had an office setup.

Working from home has us all daydreaming about our own ideal home office. Below we poke fun at our setups and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the most common types of home workspaces.

Our Setups

Home Office 1

The Kitchen Table Desk.
Advantage: Easy access to food.
Disadvantage: Easy access to food.

Home Office

The Amazon Special.
Advantages: Cheap and fast.
Disadvantages: Cheaply made and small.

Simple Built-in Desk

Arizona Cypress Kitchen with Gloss White Wall Cabinets
Traditional Kitchen with Linen White Cabinets
Contemporary Gray Oak Cabinets


  • Small Footprint – takes minimal space and can be added to the end of a kitchen or an unused nook in your home.
  • Multi-use – can double as a space for homework, crafts, or bill paying.


  • Minimal Desktop Space –  things may get a little tight.
  • Not Closed Off – bustling household traffic may become distracting.
  • Cleanup – may require cleanup at the end of the workday for others to use the space.

the Executive office

Custom Walnut Office Cabinets


  • Separate Room – minimize distractions and a place for private meetings if necessary.
  • Space – plenty of room to spread out work documents.
  • Less Cleanup – no need to put your work away at the end of the day.


  • Higher Budget – requires more planning, design, and materials.
  • More Space – requires more square footage in a home.

Will working from home be a part of your new routine?

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