Material Insights on Textured Melamine


Textured melamine has been a growing trend for residential cabinetry and interior design. Because of its increasing popularity, we wanted to share a few insights and educate you about the material. Quality melamine panels, are highly durable, easy to clean, and incredibly uniform in color and grain.

1. Textured Melamine is TFL and TSS

TFL and TSS use acronyms describing the process of using heat, resin and pressure to apply a texture and melamine décor to a panel (TFL=Thermally Fused Laminate, TSS=Thermal Structured Surface). The truth is these terms can be used interchangeably.

Textured Melamine Section

2. Not all Textured Melamine is created equal.

Like many things, there are different levels of quality. Typically, the higher quality and more durable products can often be seen and felt. A good rule of thumb is, the deeper the texture or more pronounced the grain pattern, the higher quality of the panel. Additional layers of material are used in higher quality panels which add to the durability and allow for deeper texture.

Our Como Select, Echo, Echo Select and Echo Spectrum are the highest quality melamine panels, curated and produced in Europe by the leading melamine manufacturers.

3. It’s not just for slab doors.

For many years, panel products like textured melamine could only be edge-banded to create slab doors. With new technology, many of these products can also be produced as a 5-piece shaker door. This allows for a broader range of styling from contemporary and transitional……in some cases borderline traditional styling.

To see some examples and view specialty products Click Here

4. They keep getting better!

As technology and manufacturing processes improve, so do melamine panels. Panels are more realistic than ever and keep expanding to offer a variety of unique looks, including leathers, metals, stone, and concrete.

To view some of the unique looks check out Echo Spectrum.