Estimated Opening Date: February – April 2023


All Crystal employees, spouses, and dependents under age 26.

An employee, spouse or dependents under age 26 who are not enrolled in a Crystal health plan will now be eligible to use the clinic!

If you’d like to enroll dependents to use the clinic who are not on our health plan, there will be an enrollment form to add them to be eligible.

There is no cost to employees if you are covered under the $1000, $1500 or $2500 deductible health plans or a health plan outside of Crystal that does not include an HSA.

Due to IRS regulations, if you are covered under an HSA plan, there may be a $10 appointment fee for care received that is not preventative or occupational health related.

If the fee does apply, use of HSA dollars to pay for the visit is highly recommended.

Various clinical services will be available such as Routine Care, Treatment of Minor Injuries/Illness, Lab Testing, Vaccinations, Well-Child/Baby Program, On-site Prescription Medication for Non-Narcotics, and Health check ups.

(A more thorough list will be provided closer to opening.)

Yes. Individual personal health and medical information is strictly confidential,
and it will be kept in confidence in accordance with HIPAA Guidelines. Operated by Achieve Wellness.

Yes, you will not lose any flexibility with your existing healthcare options.


Click to view our progress on the Crystal Family Care Clinic and see where we are on the project.


If you have any questions about the clinic Email Human Resources:, Stop in HR, or fill out the online form. you can either remain anonymous (your question will be answered in the next cabinet conversation or The Hub clinic update) or leave your phone number and someone from HR will call you back.