At Crystal, we sell through independent, locally-owned and operated businesses. The creative talents and knowledge of these design specialists meet or exceed our expectations and ensure your project will do the same.

Although the process and timelines may vary from dealer to dealer, here are some basics to expect:

Planning and Design:

This is the most important stage and can be very time-consuming. It is important to share your project ideas and inspiration with the design specialist so they can develop your new space. Materials, finish colors, appliances, fixtures and layout will be discussed and recommendations provided.

It may also entail jobsite visits for measurements to understand electrical, plumbing and other contract work the project requires. Depending on size of the project we recommend allowing 12 to 8 weeks for larger projects and 8 to 4 weeks for small projects.

Project Planning Guide

Ordering Materials and Cabinets:

Once a final design has been approved with your design specialist they will start placing orders for your project which includes cabinetry. Generally, once a dealer has acknowledged the cabinet order, Crystal’s lead times to the dealer are 10 to 6 weeks but can be longer for specialty products.

Construction and Installation:

Some projects require a lot of work to get the space ready for its new look. There will be a lot of activity during this stage which means you are getting closer to a finished space. If you will be living in the home during construction, these spaces may not be accessible or function during and temporary accommodations may be necessary. Expect 7 to 3 weeks for this stage.