Remodel Guide

Helpful tips and trends for When You’re Ready to Renovate…

Cabinetry can become part of the architecture of your home. When deciding on elements for your space, well-made cabinets, using quality materials create architectural focal points for your home.

Remodeling Guide


Where should I begin when I’m ready to update my kitchens?

List the things you like and don’t like about your kitchen, collect photos and clippings that catch your eye in magazines, and then contact an independent dealer of Crystal Cabinet Works, a professional who will help you plan and design the kitchen you want.


Tips on ways to renovate that won’t break the bank?

Knowing what you want helps control your costs. Choose things you know you’re going to like for a long time, styling of doors, moldings, and colors that match the style of your home and add value.



Choices based on classic design elements—rather than flashy trends—seem to help with cost control. Hot new trends initially cost more and retain less value in the resale of a home.

How can I maximize my storage space, even in a smaller kitchen?

The combination of true custom cabinets and a professional designer are invaluable when space is limited. The designer can help you plan maximum use of the space and design cabinets built specifically for the things you will be storing; a space for everything and everything in a space.

Today’s kitchens are …

planned with the user in mind. Kitchen designers and their customers consider ergonomics—height, reach, age, and often the motivation of the user—when designing the space. Some kitchens are designed for one person; others are designed as a family work space.

What trends are gaining momentum in the residential market?

Consumers are knowledgeable, they understand there is a difference between “green washed” products and products that are built with health aware components. They make choices that include low and non-emitting materials, locally sourced, grown and manufactured, and built with quality to last. They renovate and restore rather than remodel, and make choices that suit the space and add value; replacing what’s trendy with what’s classic and timeless.

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