Enhance the look of your stain or paint color with one of our Signature Finish offerings. Crystal’s Signature finish elements allow you to add Highlight, Glaze, Brushing, Rub-thru looks and physical distressing to your base colors. Signature finish options can be mixed and matched and applied on almost any wood specie. Some Signature finishes are not available in all product lines.


Highlight is hand-wiped, leaving some build-up in the bead and profiles. Highlight will change the overall stain and paint color of your finish and will accentuate natural wood characteristics as well as physical elements.


Glazing is hand-wiped but is thicker than Highlight and will create a heavier buildup in profiles depending on your door style choice. Glazing also changes the overall color and accentuates physical elements and natural wood characteristics.


Brushing creates a refurbished look on paint and is available with Van Dyke Brown or Black brushing on several paint combinations. Depending on the brushing color combination the brushing look will be subtle or more pronounced.


Rub-thru finish creates the look of wood that has been painted over stain and through time and use has worn away. Rub-thru includes distressing and is available in several paint over stain combinations.


For one of a kind, worn-looking cabinetry, Crystal offers 7 hand-applied distressing elements that replicate years of use and/or exposure to your wood and finish. We offer our physical distressing elements as ala carte so you can choose one element or all of them. Several elements are also available as "heavy," meaning you get 3 to 6 times more added to your cabinetry.


Crystal’s Signature Select stains encompass true hand-craftsmanship. Each stain features a multi-step, hand-applied process resulting in a finish that has added depth and a softer feel.

Wire Brushing

Wire brushing enhances the woods natural grain patterns creating a weathered wood look and feel. Available on quarter-sawn white oak, knotty alder and premium alder on select door styles.